NSA has a full range of modern map production capabilities, from digital survey instruments, including GPS systems, for collecting details of natural and man-made features on the ground; digital Photogrammetric instruments; digital cartography systems; to lithographic printing presses for

The National Survey Authority (NSA) was established in October 1984 with responsibilities for all survey activities in the Sultanate of Oman and for assembling and maintaining the Sultanate's geographic archives. NSA has a full range of map production capabilities, from survey instruments for collecting details of natural and man-made features on the ground, to a large format, four color printing press for printing the final maps.

The Sultanate of Oman occupies the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is bounded by sea on two sides, the Sea of Oman to the northeast and the Indian Ocean to the southeast. The Sultanate's landward borders are with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the west and the Republic of Yemen to the south, while the United Arab Emirates borders Oman to the north. The country is predominantly open desert consisting of gravel plains and areas of sand dunes.

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  The largest of these dune fields comprise the Ramlat al Wahaybah (Wahaybah Sands) in the east and Ar Rub al Khali (the Empty Quarter) in the west.

To establish and enforce standards for topographic surveys and mapping and to manage and maintain the national archive of geographic materials; and further, to revise and provide maps, air charts and other geographic information for the Sultanates Ministries to enable them to carry out their function of government, and for the Sultans Armed Forces and Sultan’s Special Forces to enable them to plan, train and protect the Sultanates territory.

The NSA is to: Provide and revise land maps, aeronautical charts and other geographic materials. These may be in graphic or computer readable form. Define, publish and enforce national standards for all aerial photography, surveys and map production.

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